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About Vibe Freak

Vibe Freak is all about Vibrational Frequency.

We are all energy and the energy in our bodies is ours to manage, ours to own and ours to ignite! Get your Vibe Freaky Freak On and watch your world expand and explode with abundance, love, light and joy.

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The Vibe Freak Credo


  • We are Divine Beings, we are Source Energy. 

  • We are all connected. 

  • We are better together than we are apart. 

  • We see the wounds in others as information for our own growth. 

  • We actively redirect judgement into awareness within ourselves and use it to further our understanding of where our Sacred-Self is guiding us. 

  • We hold ourselves accountable for our own lives. This means that we take personal ownership and responsibility for our thoughts, our choices, our words, our deeds and our experiences.  

  • Our Lives are ours to manifest.  

  • We believe that we are either actively or passively creating our lives moment to moment and we choose to actively create. 

  • We believe that we are here to live in our Light form, to create a masterful life through choosing High Vibrational Frequencies on a regular basis.  

  • We believe that low vibrations are amazing nuggets of information. When we feel low we go there to gather the wisdom. Whether we stay in the low vibration or go to a higher vibration, we make the choice from a place of power and self-honoring, not weakness, fear or despair.  

  •  We believe that energy is in our bodies and it is our human birthright to actively participate in the life that we live and the ways we contribute our beauty in this world. 

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