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C'est moi

About the Founder

I ditched 2nd semester of my sophomore year to go meet and spend time with Mother Teresa in Kolkata, India.  The Dalai Lama let me into his private luncheon to ask him some questions. John Glenn gave me the best compliment I have ever gotten. Norman Lear called my dad to thank him for raising such a good human and Best-Selling Author Marianne Williamson knows more things about me than I think my mom will ever know. 

In college, I snuck into a Notre Dame football game by convincing a complete stranger to lend me his Press Pass. I hung out with Michael Bublé on his tour bus. I embarrassed myself on TV, jumped out of a perfectly working plane for a billboard ad and held an abandoned baby and a dying man in the same week. I lived with natives on a remote island that is not on most world maps.


Oh yeah, and I hang out with dead people. . . not really, I just hang out with the Spiritual realm, but many people hear " I hang out with dead people" when I start talking about that part of me/us that we don't really give much attention to.... Until now!

Hi. I am Brittany Joy Lund and people say "I never met a stranger". Probably why my friends call me "B.Joy," Life was not always a bowl of cherries for me, but I learned that there are blessings in everything and I became a treasure hunter for finding the flow, the blessing and living inside the ecstasy of what life offers on a millisecond to millisecond basis.  After a bunch of painful moments, suicidal depression and a failed marriage that pretty much wrecked me, I decided that it was time to master the truths I have long ignored, but knew they were the same truths that made all of the above experiences happen.


We are energy. We are powerful conductors and yet, where is the training manual that supports these over-studied, long documented and historically honored truths about the human body and the human experience?


That is what Vibe Freak, Vibrational Frequency, came out of.  We are all energy(E). Our emotions, energy in motion, are our energy guides to navigate our lives into the masterful. We are energetic badasses capable of creating phenomenally abundant, yummy, loving and playful lives! 


Vibe Freak is taking all the scientific mumbo jumbo that we know, but [gasp…] ignore, and bringing the conversation into the mainstream so that we can have very real and very empowering conversations, tools and a community to start living inside of the profound and complete abundance of how cosmically mighty we truly are!

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"Brittany Lund is a spark of light. She touches the heart in a way that opens her clients up to a higher state of being. She can tap into the frequency of love and health in a way that is profound. In her teachings and language, she can help you raise your vibration and trust your path forward. She is supportive and deeply connected to the language of spirit. Brittany is a shining light in this world and if you are looking for someone to help you understand and raise your vibration, this is your personal VIBE tribe WOMAN. She is a leader of love and a truly magical human.  


I recommend her if you really want to raise your vibe and rock your own world. She will teach you how to live your best life and she is incredibly talented at helping you to see your own potential and connection to a higher frequency."

Lisa Watts Smith

They Freaked

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