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You are your own guru.

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Go From Mundane to Masterful!

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I am here to remind people of their divinity. That they are divine perfection. The journey is learning to stop the inner judgement, inner persecution and inner shame which is reflected in the external world back to ourselves.

Brittany is a Licensed Life Coach as well as trained in Transcendental Meditation, EFT and NLP. She is intuitive and has spent 36 years in the Conscious Thought movement. Whether in the audience or behind the scenes interviewing some of the greatest minds of our time, Brittany considers herself a lifelong participant of conscious living. 


Brittany’s lifelong passion is interviewing people and pulling relatable wisdom out of each interview she does has led her to intimate 1 on 1 conversations with some remarkable people. His Holiness he Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, The Archbishop Reverend Desmond Tutu, President George Bush Sr., John Glenn, Norman Lear, Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra are a few examples of the many notable dynamic thinkers she has had the true honor of interviewing.  


Ms. Lund resides in Florida. She is most proud of being a mother to her 3 young boys, whom she lovingly calls her “gemstones.” She is a strong advocate for emotional wellbeing, a cause that never hit more home until she accepted her journey to heal from emotional abuse stemming from Narcissistic behavior.  


Music, being a conscious mama to her boys, meditation and working out on her trampoline are some to the almost addictive joys she holds tightly to her chest on a daily basis.  

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Rock Star Reviews

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I reached out to Brittany at a moment when I was feeling a very high level of unworthiness. I felt emotionally out of control and did not have the tools to snap myself out of the spiral of grief I had trapped myself in.  She spoke to me without judgement and from a place of love and I instantly felt calm and safe.  


She asked questions that helped me work through where my negative feelings were manifesting from. Then she offered me action steps to take.  Once I took the action steps she recommended I felt lighter and more worthy.  She has given me a simple, subtle shift in mindset that is bringing clarity and growth to my life.  I feel very thankful that I had the courage to reach out to her and that I was open to receive her message.  

- Hollie D

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Your life is your creation! I am here to remind you of the raw ability you have to create a life of consistent joy, love, happiness, abundance and peace. Come join us to re-discover the scavenger hunt that is your life and start uncovering the buried treasure that awaits you!

...and the journey begins.Thanks for joining!

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