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Be Supported with Our Free Resources

Amplify Your Life

Vibe Freak's Free Resources are designed to help support you on your Soul-o journey into higher frequency so you can live the life you were meant to live!


Feeling stuck in love or in life? Learn why your emotions are keeping you from manifesting the love and life you desire and how to turn it all around!


If you're tired of attracting the same kind of unsatisfying love and are ready for conscious, SOUL-fulfilling love, these 15 journal prompts will help you get there! 


Watch my free workshop where I take you deeper into creating lucious and yummy SOUL-Satisfying love by working my 5 Radical Shifts!


Don't have time to watch the slide show?  Download the audio file to listen while you're driving, taking care of the family or just going about your day!


Raise your frequency by repeating these affirmations to yourself on a regular basis.  Whether you desire love, freedom or a deeper connections, these affirmations will help you tune into your higher frequency.


Prefer to listen to affirmations as a meditative experience instead of reciting them yourself?  Download the audio file of these affirmations and listen to them daily to tune into your higher frequency!

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