Things must change.

Stepping into a place of being Unapologetic for who I am has taken decades of walking the road of pain and despair. This well-trodden road was not something that I knew I was always on. In fact, I had often mistaken it for the road to Bliss City in the Land of Happily Ever After.

How wrong was I!

It was like having a compass and no map, walking in circles, always insisting that I was there, when in fact, I was nowhere near there. I was lost in the mirror city of "Things Look Much Better than they Seem." You know the one. All your friends feel like your relationship is perfect and they all feel like you have "it" together. There's the FB sharing of trips and date night and birthday's and all the fuss and yet on the inside, you are feeling that there has to be more? Do you find yourself wondering if this Is this just the norm and every relationship goes through this?

Or maybe even to you, you keep thinking it's all perfect and then that unforeseen curve ball comes in where you are the bad guy again, frantically trying to make it all better and to make him love you again.

If you're anything like me, this is where I lived. I lived in what seemed so great and "normal". We had a lovely home, job security, healthy babies, great friends and life was on the rise. But, behind closed doors, I was accused of being selfish, needy, lazy and unattractive to name a few. I lived where little discomforts became big fights with sweeping accusations, projections and hurtful words that cannot be unheard.

I craved peace and I craved centering. So any apology became a starting over point. I was so excited that things were going to change. And yet, the cycle continued. The complaints consistent. The apologies guaranteed. So nothing really ever changed.

Until one random day. We were in therapy and I was frantically working on myself, again. I accepted an invitation to a local spiritual group. Something happened in the group, I opened up. With like this "fuck it" attitude and I shared my deep pain with a room of 10 total strangers. After spewing my vulnerability and my desperation, the leader told me that "it was all my fault" that he was so condescending!

I felt like someone had just punched me in the gut. Now even a stranger that is all awake and shit is telling me that it is all my fault?? I was strong enough to be able to look at that, but I just couldn't grab it. I don't need to be right. I just wanted to be whole.

Something blew inside of me and it busted me wide open. I went home and sobbed for 2 days. I consulted my sacred circle relationships for feedback. They were all mad at this "leader" for saying something so irresponsible. And right there in the midst of my deep pain and confusion, something really magical started to happen. I started to detach and see myself more fully. I started to allow grace for myself and for our relationship. I started to love myself and that is where everything changed.

Come join me for 6 magical weeks where we work together to remind you of your beauty and your Light. Come home to the truth of who you are as I am the Light bearer for all that is inside of you waiting to shine.

You are meant for a "Hell Yes" life and I am here to give you the roadmap and the compass to get there.

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