Vibe Freak & the Impossible Goal of Perfection

Updated: Jun 7

All my fingers and toes, all your fingers and toes - it's safe to say - would not be enough to count the number of times I've moved, manipulated and managed ideas in my head about how to create a company that allowed me to fully show up in my Greatness and support the same path for others.

The number of questions I've chewed on, concerning the how of it all, could feed a small country for a day. The number of questions I've had, second guessing myself and giving waaaay too much power to that big "Who am I?" voice of judgement could feed that same small country multiple times over!


It wasn't until I finally accepted and received that "perfect" is a goal and not a pre-requisite. In fact, perfect when undefined, can be impossible to reach. An endless pursuit leading to insanity if it rambles without a path to fine tune the process. Which means - action is the only step that is required to get your beautiful self off your beautiful a** and out into this beautiful world.

Yes, there is much more that plays into truly owning your greatness. However, I have come to the hard realization and grand epiphany that I am capable of living my entire life entertaining my biggest dreams in my head.

Like playing dress up as a child, I can wear the fairy princess dress, love my fake diamond tiara as if it were real, talk about the sweet prince and all the nice things he does for me... and... and... and... When in reality, it's the great magical world of "poof!"

I want a pony. "Poof!" My little girl imagination pretended that my broom was my pony. I wanted to be famous. "Poof!" I'm scribbling autographs next to my Hello Kitty stickers plunked down on a piece of old paper. And still today, 30 some odd years later, I'm guilty of this today, I desire to be lounging in Morocco. "Poof!" I live through a photograph that I once saw in Travel Magazine.

Yet dream as we may, live by the Law of Attraction as we profess, action is the golden key. As long as there is no action, the illustrious life that continues from play land is still just that, a figment wildly alive in the corners of a very creative and colorful mind.

So all of you AMAZING women, Welcome!

My castle doors are closed and my web portal is now open. My deep desire to inspire, empower and encourage you to live a life filled with Love, Authenticity, Fulfillment and Fun has now officially left my very colorful and super-fantastic imagination and landed smack dab in your lap.

I'm here to be a friend, a confidant or even a kick in the pants when you forget your magic. Bottom line, I get giddy over seeing other women owning their magnificence. So, there is only one more thing to ask. ...

How can I assist you in this amazing journey to step up to and be all you were created to be?

To Your Greatness!

It’s time to Vibe Freak!


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