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Solo to Soul to Source

A 40-day journey that will teach you how to raise your vibration and connect with your true inner Source.

S3 Course

Welcome to S3, the 6 week class moving from Solo Self to Soul Activation to Source Connection!


This course is 40 days of amazing goodness, tapping into the masterful creator that you are. It's takes 30 days to make a habit and 40 days to resurrect through a trial and into a new form. That's what we are doing in this course. Think of it as your 40 days in the desert to strip away all the bullshit that is not you and rebuild the truth of who you are.  


I've created this 6 week course to help you remember and awaken to your Vibe Freak Life. Read on to learn more! 


Weeks 1-2


We spend the first 2 weeks releasing your attachment to your Solo life. We will examine and transform your attachments and your limiting beliefs. 


Weeks 3-4


The next 2 weeks are about connecting to your Soul and settling deeper into your Soulful relationship with the YOU that is bigger than you and still part of you. 


Weeks 5-6


The third 2 week period is where we reclaim your truth and fully connect with Source. These two powerful weeks are all about living in your True Power and settling into a Sacred  reality that you can own for life

S3 course
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